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Teddy Andreas - Innocent Loser
Carole King - City Streets
Carole King - Colour of Your Dreams
Carole King - Live
Guns N' Roses - Live Era '87 - '93
Slash's Snakepit - It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
Slash's Snakepit - Ain't Life Grand
Gilby Clarke - Pawn Shop Guitars
Gilby Clarke - The Hangover
Gilby Clarke - Rubber

Gilby Clarke - Swag
Duff McKagan - Believe In Me
Duff McKagan - Beautiful Disease
John McVie - John McVie (Featuring Lola Thomas)
Nikki Sixx - 1958
The Boxing Gandhis - Howard
The Boxing Gandhis - The Boxing Gandhis
The Boxing Gandhis - 3rd 2nd Chance
Lee Oskar - Those Sunny Days
The Boneshakers - Book of Spells
Poe - A Rose is a Rose
Jimmy Z - Musical Madness
Jimmy Z - Anytime, Anyplace
Nathan Cavaleri - Nathan
B.J. Sharp - Never Felt No Blues
Screaming Buddah Heads - Blues Had A Baby
The Windfields - Self-Titled
Bennett Cole & The Frantic Figs - Notions of Gold
Roger Campo - What's Your Addiction?
My Little Fun House - Untitled 1995 Release
Erik Rubin - La Casa del Amore
The Bandits - Wasted
Zachary Throne - Sam
Susan Reeves - Up Late
Stop The Violence Campaign - Violence
Radford - Untitled
Antonio Nadir - Tu Cultura
Stuart Smith - Heaven & Earth
Garth Brooks Tribute Album - Friends In Low Places
Rod Stewart Tribute Album - Forever Mod
Bruce Springsteen Tribute Album - Made In The USA
Guns n' Roses Tribute Album - A Rock Tribute to GnR
Alan Jackson Tribute Album - 'Remember When'
Colonel Parker - Rock 'n' Roll Music
Billy Bob Thornton - Edge of the World
The Boxmasters - The Boxmasters

The Boxmasters - Tea Surfing

The Boxmasters - Somewhere Down The Road

The Boxmasters - Modbilly

The Boxmasters - Christmas Cheer

The Boxmasters - Providence
Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper - Dragontown
Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds
Ryan Roxie - Peace Love & Armageddon

Cindy Alexander - Smash

Cindy Alexander - See Red
Bullets & Octane - The Revelry   
Velvet Revolver - Pink Floyd's "Money"
Sarah Kelly - Where The Past Meets Today

Glen Campbell - See You There

Janiva Magness - The Devil Is An Angel Too

Mark Stuart & The Bastard Sons - Bend In The Road

Wink Keziah - Hard Times

Brad Cox - New Directions

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